BP Expands Network with $100M Tesla Super Charger Deal

Press Release

What’s the deal?

BP announced it will be entering an agreement to purchase Tesla Superchargers for installation at many BP sites. This is the first time an independent EV charging network will purchase Tesla Ultra-Fast Chargers.

BP plans to begin the rollout in 2024 with the first units to be installed in Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago; and Washington D.C. Future plans include installations at TravelCenters of America, Thorntons, ampm; and Amoco, as well as at bp pulse’s large-scale Gigahub™ charging sites in major metropolitan areas and at third-party locations, such as Hertz locations.

The purchase includes units fitted with Tesla’s “Magic Dock” offering charging capability to vehicles with CCS (Combined Charging System) connectors as well as Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) connectors. So no matter which port your EV uses, you will be able to charge at a bp pluse high speed charging unit.

The Green Car Geek’s take

BP’s purchase of Tesla chargers will only improve the availability of charging units in the US and help reduce the anxiety around charging, especially here in the US where the dependability and reliability of the charging infrastructure has been less than optimal.